1. In which cities do you provide your design and execution services? 
We are currently operational in Pune, Hyderabad and Jaipur. We offer both design and end-to-end execution services in these cities.

2. What if I am from a different city? 
Like our designs but live in a different city? We provide our World Class Designs only services to cities other than Pune, Jaipur and Hyderabad. We provide design consultancy service which includes 3D renders, detailed 2D drawings so that you can get it implemented through your trusted vendor. We would need your floor plan and requirements to come up with design concepts.

3. How is Foyr different from other players in the market? 
World Class Interior Design: Foyr is the only company in India, and possibly in the world, that provides interior designs customized to your home’s floor plan. Proprietary Technology: Using our proprietary technology, our design experts create customized interior designs in the 10-15 days. Hassle Free Implementation: We offer free end-to-end project management services in cities we are operational. Now you don’t have to worry about time-lines, contractors cutting corners on materials used and unnecessary delays. 75-90 day implementation: From the moment you decide to execute the designs, we take 75 days or less to finish the implementation which include all furniture and accessories, wardrobes, kitchen, TV units and other fit-outs, false ceiling etc. Prices: Because we work with large manufacturers, we get wholesale price benefits that we pass on to our customers. For the quality and specifications that we provide, you cannot find better prices in the market.

4. Where do I find information about the materials that are used to make the furniture and other products? 
Before you decide to implement the interior design that was custom designed for you, our design expert will take you through the specification of all the products. You will be provided the entire list of products that are included in the package and also the material specifications for each one of them.

5. How much of a time commitment is it on my part? 
It takes less than five minutes or less to fill the design form on Foyr.com. Once you have submitted all the requirements such as your floor plan, if you are from one of the cities that we are operational in, then you need to have a 15-30min discussion with our design expert.

6. How long does it take? 
Design: Once you have submitted all your requirements such as floor plan and selected your final designs from the concepts we send you, it will take us approximately 10-15 working hours to send you your customized design. Implementation: Once you like the design and have signed an agreement with us, we will execute all product installations and services end-to-end within 75-90 days.

7. When do I find out how much it costs to implement the design that was created for me? 
Our final estimate will consist of the cost of all the products and relevant taxes. Once you have confirmed your design and have decided on the products to be implemented, our design expert will share with you the exact price list. We keep you budget in mind from the start to end, so tell us what that is!

8. Where do you source your products from? 
All our products are sourced from reputed manufacturers and vendors from across the country. All products go through strict quality control requirements and are monitored for any flaws from manufacturing to shipping.

9. Can I get my home furnished by you if I live in one of the cities that you are not operational in? 
Unfortunately, we cannot provide implementation services in the cities that we are not operational in. However, we are expanding very fast and we will be in your city sooner than you think. Please watch the locations section on our home page.

10. What happens once I submit the design request on foyr.com? 
If you are from a city Foyr is operational: Our design Assistant will get in touch with you to set up an appointment with our Design Expert. Once you have a discussion with our Design Expert, we will require further details such as exact site measurements. Sometimes, this will require a site visit from a Foyr representative. Once we have all the information that we need, we will send you multiple design concepts for you to select from. Once we receive the selections from you, we will create stunning designs custom made for your home. If you are from other cities: Once we have all the information we need based on your floor plan, based on the preferences that you provided on the design survey, we will send you multiple design concepts for you to choose from. Once we receive the selections from you, we will create stunning designs custom made for your home. Then we’ll leave it to you to take it from there.

11. What if I don’t like any design proposals? 
If you are from a city Foyr is operational: No sweat, we will create new designs for you as long as you are committed to getting the designs implemented by Foyr. If you from other cities: Unfortunately, we cannot do modifications or create new designs for you if you are not from one of the cities that we operate in. Please feel free to use the designs that we provided you as inspirations when you decorate your home.

12. Can I keep my existing furniture? 
Absolutely, we certainly can take into consideration any existing furniture that you might have. You can tell us what you want to keep and then you can buy only the other items that you like.

13. Are there EMI options available? 
Yes, we have partnered with top financial institutions. Please check with our design expert before implementation.

14. I don’t have my floor plan; can you still provide me a customized design? 
Yes, we can but we do need accurate room dimensions. You can send us pics taken from your mobile and related room dimension. You may also get it from your builder’s website, they general have it. If all else fails, let us know where do you stay we’ll scout our network to find your floor plan.

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